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. it is a single cell that was running over? >> very much so. owctrd niis . i thisdistrict now. it is getting ready to work into the district. here is the clouds from it. you can just see a couple of things going on. actually, there's several little things going on pretty much happening right on top of us. as we look at this from the live tower picture, you can see some clouds here. now that is not necessarily clouds from this little shower or thunderstorm i'm going to show you. there's another boundary scooting on through. it is coming off the bay. that's helping to contribute to this shower and thunderstorm. now we'll go on over to the true view and show you this is the same cell that came through baltimore earlier. it has been scooting right down i-95 here through laurel. bowie, you are getting a shower here and this moves into the district. looks like this is so small. it stays away from silver spring. right here, there's some green and blue, rockville, silver spring, down into the western sections of the district. this is what i was showing you on the tower cam. that's a little boundary
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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